What to Expect?

A coaching consultation is all about the partnership between you and me. The relation is based on mutual trust and respect; and will obviously remain strictly confidential.

In order for you to feel at ease to talk about your most intimate details, we need to make sure we are a good fit. This is why, we are having first a free 30-min discovery call, during which we will introduce ourselves, discuss your actual challenges and desired outcomes so I can evaluate if I can help you towards your own goals. 

All sessions are exclusively conducted online through video conferencing in English or in French. 

Why using video-conference in a coaching session?

During COVID-19, technologies have allowed us to keep a sense of normal life, by being able to access services online (work, gym, class, webinars, home-schooling, etc). In the same way, Essential Mind Coaching, gives you the opportunity to get in touch with me in the easiest way from the comfort and safety of your home. 

If you live in Hong Kong and would prefer a face-to-face session, please contact me here.

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